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July 2nd, 2004

Ever since I had my kid, I’ve snored. Apparently, it’s gotten worse – which isn’t surprising, since I’ve gotten heavier. Things came to a bit of a head for me when I roomed with GM Helena at Simucon ’04, and she had to keep waking me up to tell me to turn over so I would shut the hell up. Poor Helena. I felt so bad. When I called my husband to tell him that apparently, I snore like a grizzled old miner, he said knowingly, “Yeah.”

Well, I had a cold this past week. It made the snoring worse. So, since I couldn’t lose 30 pounds overnight, I turned to drugs. I had heard about a throat spray that supposedly actually worked, so I figured, “what the heck, it can’t hurt.”

Holy moly, it worked! Last night was the first night in five years that I apparently haven’t done some kind of cave bear imitation. So let me heartily recommend Snor Enz and let next year’s Simucon roomie fear no more. Woot!

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