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Panic in the bedroom!

January 23rd, 2007

Our daughter is usually up at 6am, ready to kick me out of bed, climb into the warm spot I leave, and get up five minutes later to face the day.

This morning, however, after I’d hit the snooze button about 20 times I realized that it was after 7am and I was still snug in my bed. This sounds like a good thing, but it’s not. Emily was still asleep in her room and the school bell rings at 7:30.

I got up and knocked on her door. No dice. The hubby flicked on the lights in the hall and knocked again, saying, “Emily! It’s time to get up!” Nothing. Since our daughter locks her door most nights, we couldn’t just walk in. So my husband went and got a small screwdriver and loudly jimmied the lock, then opened the door, saying, “Emily, time to get up!”

Emily jumped out of bed and ran to me in the hall, shouting, “MomMomMom!!” in a panic. So I held her for a while and we went into my bed to lie down together for a few minutes. Poor Steve felt awful. He didn’t mean to scare her, but that’s what happened, and her morning was wrecked. She didn’t want to eat any breakfast, and she just wanted to curl up in my computer chair – she usually goes for Steve’s – while we got her ready. We took her up to school, where we had to sign her in at the office because she was a few minutes late. She didn’t get upset or cry, but she was very quiet and listless the whole morning. I think anybody would have a hard time readjusting to the day after a start like that. I hope she does okay.

In happier news, I put hair on the doll and attached her head. Voila! She is naked, but whole. I gave Emily a couple of options for hair, and she chose cotton chenille. It feels very soft and fuzzy and gives the hair as a whole a good thickness because each strand grabs the others. So far, it’s not tangly. We can always braid it if it’s an issue.

The belly button is off center and the neck flops back a bit. Both of these could be corrected, but I’m not sure I will. Part of the pleasure of a handmade item is that it’s imperfect. We’ll see.

Emily was too sleepy to do much more than blink at it as she sighed heavily at the weight of the world this morning, but I expect it’ll have a name soon. Now she needs her clothes.

In Dragonrealms, I decided that I wanted to bring out an older merchant. The interesting thing about doing this is that if it’s been too long, there’s a certain disconnect there. I had a great idea for an item, then when I was taking stock, I realized I’d already made the item several years ago. Well, at least I know now it was a good seller. I’m going to go over inventory and update what needs updating and put it out. There’s at least one new thing I want to add that makes me snicker every time I think about it. Heh.

This morning, more Jayne hat knitting. When the kiddo’s in school, I try to finish one a day if possible. Today, it’ll be possible. Slowly but surely, I’m knocking that wait time down!

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  1. January 23rd, 2007 at 19:22 | #1

    Perhaps the doll needs a wee little Jayne hat?

  2. January 23rd, 2007 at 19:22 | #2

    Perhaps the doll needs a wee little Jayne hat?

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