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How communication gets garbled.

November 28th, 2006

Tonight was “curriculum night” at Emily’s school, so we went up there to cut stuff out and make a little spelling game, and generally socialize at the school. While we were there, Emily’s teacher told me that Emily had made a picture in art that was so good she got to take it to show to the principal, so that if Emily told me she went to the principal’s office, I shouldn’t be concerned, since it was a positive thing.

Well, we didn’t have any issues there, but when I asked Emily what she drew, she said she drew herself on the playground with her friends. So I assumed that’s what she’d drawn in art.

Nope. She had played with sidewalk chalk during outdoor recess. She actually drew herself on the playground with her friends. Dangit, I was so close to interpreting it right! Well, no harm done. I still haven’t seen this beautiful picture, but I look forward to it.

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