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April 30th, 2009 34 comments

“We are letting parents know that today in PE class there was a dodge ball game that got a little out of control. Some kids got hit hard with the ball. Emily says she was hit but not hard. She is not hurting now. She is calm and says she is OK. (Special Area Teacher)”

How bad does a dodgeball game have to get for the teachers to start sending notes home? I’m picturing the Gone With The Wind scene where the camera pans across all the wounded soldiers in the middle of town, but with little kids with charley horses. Oh, the humanity!

I’m sure everything’s fine, but I am writing back to get more details, and to find out how the heck P.E. turned into Thunderdome today. Yow.

ETA: “She was calm through the entire incident. I’m not sure of the details. There was a sub. It sounds as if the boys just got a little of control with throwing the ball.”

Okay, good enough.

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D&D Week 20 Part 1: Blood Diner

April 29th, 2009 4 comments

Palin: Okay, I have to warn everybody up front that I only got a few hours of sleep last night, so I am prone to do something unexpected, like fall asleep or charge into the fray.
GM: So in other words, a normal week!
Palin: touche.
Break out your tarp, it’s about to get messy.

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Stitches: Lichen

April 28th, 2009 4 comments

I had a lovely four mile walk along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway with my friend Laura (hi, Laura!) this morning. It’s always fun being with her. Down side: I’ve been more tired since Stitches and now I really want a nap, but I know that we have to do homework, etc., before going to a family reunion this evening. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, but it’d be more convenient if it weren’t on a school night. Whatcha gonna do, eh? I’ll just tank up on coffee afterward so I’m able to stay awake and kick undead butt in D&D tonight. I’m going to have to find a place to set up my laptop that won’t exacerbate my back, which has been acting up for the last few days.

Man, I’m just falling apart, aren’t I?
knitting notions lichen 2knitting notions lichen cu
Anywho, here’s another little beauty from the Knitting Notions booth. This is 420 yards of their kettle dyed superwash merino. I was really impressed by the color quality on their variegated yarns. This colorway is Lichen. This is right up my alley.

I really didn’t buy that much actual yarn, although there are a few I’m kicking myself over, like this Madeline Tosh sock yarn in Frida from the Yarn and Fiber Company. It’s not my normal fare at all, but I went back to it three times. My usual rule is that if you find yourself going back to something three times, then you’ll probably think about it when you leave and you should buy it. I should have listened to myself.

Okay, I’m taking five while my daughter snacks on brie and crackers, which has become her new favorite snack. Wish me luck in staying awake.

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Stitches: Darning egg

April 27th, 2009 6 comments

This is the most practical purchase I made at Stitches South. The heels of my Tofutsies socks have worn thin, and for a long time I’ve wanted a really pretty wooden darning egg to help with the mending. This hand-carved beauty is made of walnut and came from the Knitting Notions booth. Their store is located in Nashville and they have an online storefront as well.

I love this. It’s something beautiful that I’ll actually use, making it an easy purchase to justify.

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April 26th, 2009 2 comments

Stitches was fun, but I seem to have come down with some kind of post-convention crud. I’ll try and post tomorrow.

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Stash! Aaaah! Savior of the universe!

April 22nd, 2009 10 comments

I’m going to Stitches South on a bus with the Charlotte Knitting guild. The bus is sponsored by Universal Yarn, so props to them.

To whittle down the clutter in the house, I’ve been maintaining a strict one in / one out policy on my stash for a while now, and that’s not going to change just because I’m going to be in a giant convention center filled with indie yarn vendors. Five skeins have been sold from my stash this week, and tonight I’m going to try to foist off some more on a friend. If I come back from Atlanta with a crazy amount of yarn, I’ll be clearing out my stash like I’m shoveling snow off the driveway.

Not that I would do that. I love snow. And yarn.

Well, I didn’t say it would be easy.

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“Customers who bought this also liked…”

April 21st, 2009 6 comments

Em’s hayfever is in full swing. I’ve bought an air purifier, am drying the clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them out, and am basically letting Em do what she always wants to do anyway, which is hang around the house and do nothing. Like mother like daughter.

Her allergy is to oak pollen. It affects me some years too, but not this year and not like her, poor kid. We have a giant oak tree in the back yard so it’s hard to get away from. Claritin or the other long-lasting medications seem to have no effect on either of us, so mainly we take preventive measures and suffer.

I sent her to school this morning, sniffling and tanked up on Bendryl, with instructions to the teacher to treat it like an illness and call me if she thinks Em needs to come home. If she’s not learning anything, then she might as well not learn it here in our hermetically sealed bubble.

Em drew this picture this morning and is giving it to a girl in another class whom she wants to get to know better. I’ve blurred out her last name and her teacher’s last name, just in case. First she left off the final line and said, “This will show Yohayra that I want to be her friend.” Then, while brushing her teeth, she came tearing out of the bathroom and added the final line. I think that was a good call. It’s kind of a “If you liked Cats, you’ll LOVE Les Mis!” sales pitch, but bashful. It worked on me – I like Em, so now I want to know who this Allyson kid is who’s so similar to my girl.

I’m off to run some really quick errands before coming home and staying by the phone, just in case.

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April 20th, 2009 12 comments

It’s IEP meeting time! In a half hour, we’ll meet with Em’s “dream team” of specialists from her school. They’re wonderful people and we’ve always had a good relationship, but these meetings are still exhausting because of the laser focus on an emotional issue – our child and how best to help her.

Wish us luck!

ETA: It went well. Thanks, y’all!

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Always check dyelot.

April 19th, 2009 14 comments

‘Nuff said.

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So far, so good!

April 17th, 2009 16 comments

Today is my husband’s and my fifteenth wedding anniversary. It’s been fantastic and I’ve never regretted it for a moment. I can’t wait to see what the next forty five years will bring.

Why forty five? Because we agreed up front to re-negotiate after sixty years and I’m pretty sure I need to throw something into the vows about not stealing the covers.

I kid! Love you, honey!

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