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July 30th, 2008 26 comments

So now apparently when I have a real good bawl, my eyes get red spots all around them, as if a thousand tiny gigolos had given me a thousand tiny hickeys.

It’s been about 16 hours. The puffiness has gone down, and the spots have faded some, but not completely, as you can see. Stupid rosacea. This better not be permanent.

From now on, if any of you see me looking like I might cry, you are required to break into spontaneous dance in order to prevent this from happening. Ugh.

(And yes, spots aside, I’m fine now, thanks.)

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Laughing is good.

July 30th, 2008 14 comments

An elephant was drinking from a river one day, when he spotted a turtle asleep on a log. So, he ambled on over and kicked it clear across the river.

“What did you do that for?” asked a passing giraffe.

“Because I recognized it as the same turtle that took a nip out of my trunk 53 years ago.”

“Wow, what a memory,” commented the giraffe.

“Yes,” said the elephant, “I have turtle recall.”

Thank you! Thank you! Remember, you can’t throw rotten fruit through the internet.

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Wii fit day 26

July 28th, 2008 8 comments

Internal dialogue coming back from post office late today:

“Man, I am wiped. And hungry. I want something bad for me. I’ve been so good. I should just get some orange chicken from Panda Express. It won’t kill me. I’m tired, I’m allowed. No, we’ve got food at home, and payday is on Friday, and we’re working so hard on bills and fitness… okay. I don’t need that chicken. For that matter, I didn’t need that mocha today, but oh well. But I’m tired, I’m just going to go home and weigh in, and if I’m up, I’m up. Whatever.”

Woot! Five pounds down since starting!

Only 40 to go. Okay, let’s not think about that. Five pounds down! Yay! I’m sure a plateau is approaching, as it’s very difficult to find time to go out and run in the summer watching Em, but I’ve got her going to a kid’s “Little Gym” type place on Friday morning, so that’ll help.

Running with the wii fit is tough on my calves. However, it’s also fun, now that we’ve discovered some Easter eggs in the routes. When a dog passes you at the beginning, quickly overtake your guide and start following the dog to unlock new routes – that sort of thing.

For those wondering what the peak in the middle was, this may be TMI, but here you go. Hey, I ain’t perfect.

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July 28th, 2008 14 comments

I think this year I may skip Simucon.
And here’s why.

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Home Mysteries

July 28th, 2008 2 comments

Our family is continuing to slowly de-clutter the house. It’s the home that I grew up in and later purchased from my folks, so I know most of its little nooks and crannies, but apparently not all of them. Yesterday we tackled some drawers in the kitchen, which led to these little discoveries.

Gold stamps plastered to the inside bottom of a drawer in our kitchen. It’s tough to make out, but the writing beneath George Washington reads, “Your Golden Opportunity To Save.” Which store gave these out? Were these being saved up for something, or just randomly shoved in a drawer? Were they deliberately pasted there by me as a toddler, or accidentally plastered down by water damage? Who knows?

Found on the side of a drawer in our kitchen while we were cleaning. These are both local numbers. This is neither my mother nor father’s handwriting. The house was built in the early 60’s, and my parents or I have occupied it pretty continuously since. Maybe some numbers a workman had to remember? A couple of love connections?

My mother tells me that she and my father didn’t buy the house until ’68, but I recall that my deed says it was built in ’60 or ’63. There’s plenty that could have happened in the five years before it passed to us. Who knows what other mysteries we’ll find?

Shelf liner (non-adhesive) now covers the gold stamps, and I didn’t scrub off the phone numbers. They can be little mysteries for the next homeowner after we eventually move out.

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Easy Bake

July 27th, 2008 10 comments

Thank you for the Easy Bake oven, Illiane! We broke it out this evening and made cookies. These cookies, according to the package, contain all kinds of goodies like partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and pack a whopping 160 calories each.

We also learned an important lesson about letting things cool down before touching them. A lesson which apparently had to be learned the hard way, by Emily touching a pan fresh from the “oven” leaving a red mark on her thumb. As God is my witness, I warned her many, many times. She just got excited and forgot as she tried to pull the pan out a little farther.

“OUCH! Ouch ouch ouch ouch!” We learned to run cool water on it, and then she went in and put a bandaid on her hand. Well, she’ll probably remember the lesson better that way than she would from just my warnings. To quote Em, “That really, really did hurt!”

However, with all that, the cookies were good (I only had a crumb which broke off, and two are still in the fridge), and Em had a very good time. I’m going to poke around online, but I’m pretty sure I could make regular chocolate chip cookies in these, so I may see if Em wants to try to make her own sometime.

Thanks again, Illiane! If there’s anything else your girl doesn’t want, keep us in mind!

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Behold! The Wheeled Wonder!

July 26th, 2008 6 comments

This weekend is a biking event called 24 Hours of Booty. The event is named after the Booty Loop, the informal name for a stretch of road through the heart of Charlotte popular with serious road cyclists. They wear those little biking shorts, and they’re all in great shape, hence the name “Booty Loop.”

Today a lane was blocked off, and there were entire teams of cyclists whizzing past. Right in the middle of them was a guy sporting a giant moustache, making great time on top of the biggest unicycle I’ve ever seen in my life.

I wanna party with that guy.

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July 26th, 2008 18 comments

I’m not quite sure what to make of the doll tableau to the left, which Emily set up in our kitchen. Nor am I quite getting the meaning behind poor Mulan, robe askew, strung up by her hair. I think the only real message here is this: kids are weird.

The cord binding Mulan’s hair, by the way, is from the pulse oximeter on the treadmill, which has now left our home. The plan is to use that space for storage for my yarn to get it out of the bottom of the freakin’ closet!

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July 26th, 2008 14 comments

I’m pretty sure I have to make these. TOO CUTE! They’re from Knitted Sock Sensations. I’ve been weeding my shelves, so I can probably squeeze in one more knitting book.

Later on, I’m planning to up pictures of some of my bookshelves and if you want something for a token fee plus shipping, then let me know. I was going to make this post a very long entry with all of that in it, but it’s still cool out, and my husband is back from his bike ride, so it can wait. This is my opportunity to get out to the Greenway and run. I can clean anytime – I have to seize any opportunity to get out and exercise!

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