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pant pant pant

March 28th, 2007 No comments

Our meetings are normally over at 7pm, and we have to stretch to fill them. This one went more than 15 minutes over.

I’ll have to post later, since my daughter still isn’t in bed yet. However, I will say this: smartest move of the evening? Bringing a sheet to put down. Wow.

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EGGsact science is not an EGGsact science!

March 28th, 2007 2 comments

Thank you, ladies and germs! How did I miss that pun last time?

Moving on, I got an e-mail from Cindy, the charming creator of saying that she had meant to mention using a knife to get out the eggs. Then we both went back and read, and oops, she had. My mistake! Also, she had used more water and less plaster in her mix. The plaster container backed her up on proportions, too, but who can be bothered to read the side of the jar? Armed with that knowledge, and wanting to try nonstick cooking spray as opposed to petroleum jelly, I gave it another go today!
Eggscitement galore below the cut!

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“Exact science is not an exact science.”

March 27th, 2007 10 comments

So before I opened up a big container of plaster of Paris for a Brownie project with a bunch of second-graders, I thought I’d better give it a go first. And I’m glad I did!
Click for pics and details!

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Boo and stuff

March 26th, 2007 No comments

Yesterday my husband and daughter were roughhousing, and his knee caught her jaw, neatly finishing what he started yesterday. Her loose tooth came out. I’m pretty sure he’s getting a kickback from the tooth fairy. I’m going to have to watch my mouth around him, so to speak.

However, removing parts of her face wasn’t his only interaction with her. They also played outside, where my daughter indulged her favorite outdoor pastime, taking apart maple seeds. They got out the microscope and looked at various things under the lens. The slides were hastily prepared, which we thought prudent with her attention span, but we were able to see stripes and such that you wouldn’t see with the naked eye. It was fun!

On Wednesday, we have Brownies. We’ll be giving out the badges that we’ve worked on this year. They’ve gone through five so far. My mom had the good idea to pin them to a ribbon, then present the ribbon to the child. I’ll be going out to get some ribbon tonight if I don’t have some in my stash. I very well may – I picked up some extra at the Memories going out of business sale. I’ll be going out tomorrow morning to pick up the badges, and also a vest and some troop number patches for the girls who don’t have theirs yet.

I decided to give the badges a rest tomorrow. Instead, we’ll be making Easter egg chalk as posted on . At least, that’s the theory. We’ve just put Emily to bed, so now I’ll be getting materials from Michael’s and giving this a try myself. If it doesn’t work well, then we’ll… uh… figure something else out. If all else fails, I can always bring some yarn and teach the kids to finger-knit. And I’ve asked the liaison for the church if we can use their playground. It’s just too nice to stay cooped up indoors.

I was somewhat gratified when, after I sent out early registration notes, several of my Brownie parents said, “does this mean you’re staying on next year? I really hope so!!!” I keep hearing feedback that I’m a pretty good leader. Of course, this could just mean they’re trying to keep me, the big sucker, so they’ve got a leader. Either way, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Hm.

On the spinning front, I’m still spinning far faster when I ply than I am when I spin the singles, which means that my plied yarn is pretty overtwisted. The skein pictured is unwashed and fresh from the bobbin, so that may not be a fair example. C’est la vie – I’ve been busy, I haven’t been able to really focus on my spinning.

On the movie front, we’ve watched The Prestige and School of Rock recently. School of Rock was more fun than I was expecting. The Prestige was great, and very much in keeping with what you’d expect from the guy who directed Memento. Also today, on a whim, I stopped by CD Warehouse, which was across the street from my daughter’s speech therapy. I found Star Trek: Generations for $3.99 used and picked it up. They also had Star Trek: The Original Series seasons 1 and 2 for about $40 each. Amazon’s got it new for $68, and $40 seems to be about average for used copies, but I don’t really need this enough to spend the cash for it now. That’s why God made Netflix.

I’m off. I’m pretty tired, and I need to pick up these supplies before the craft store closes, and maybe swing by the grocery store as well.

Hats up for: NC, MD, IL

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Another one bites the dust!

March 23rd, 2007 8 comments

I had two “duh” knitting moments today. First, I had been puzzling over whether to purchase some Dale Baby Ull to make my dad’s Charlie Brown sweater. It’s on sale at Stitch Fine Yarns’ closing sale for $4.80 a ball, and they have 36 balls of a good Charlie Brown yellow. (**ETA: Because my sweet dad is concerned about the cost of this, I rush to assure him that it would not take anywhere near 36 balls of yarn to make a sweater.) However, I wasn’t sure about knitting an entire adult-sized sweater on #3 needles. To get a feel for its thinness, it’s the same yarn I knitted Emily’s doll from, as well as the tiny Charlie Brown sweater at left. But duh, I could just hold it double. So now I just need to figure out if it’s still such a great deal if I’m using twice as much as I thought. The Dale Baby Ull has great reviews, but I might be better off just getting some Cascade 220 superwash. It has good reviews, too.

Secondly, it occurred to me that I had a very easy way to see if I liked that sock better plain or patterned. Just turn it upside down so the plain sole was on the top. Duh.

Patterned…. and plain.

I showed them both to my husband, who said he liked plain better, and that there was so little distinction to the patterned side that it just looked “dirty.” I tend to agree. Plain looks just fine. Also, I think these may be a little bit snug. Not very, but just a little. Since I’ll be ripping them out anyway, I may do a swatch on my #2 needles. I do have two of those. Tonight, though, more Jayne hats.

Tonight while we were putting Emily to bed, she was playing around and kind of slipped off the bed. My husband moved to catch her, and instead knocked the underside of her jaw by accident. She had a tooth on the top that was already a little loose. We looked in the mirror and it was more loose, and also bloody. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her, though. She took it in stride.

As I was telling her a bedtime story, she kept having to stop and ask “what?” That’s because she was concentrating so hard on that top front tooth. She even told me, “I’m using my tongue to wiggle my tooth.” Her big concern? “I don’t want my tooth to fall on my Groovy Girls.” She seems to think it’ll come out tomorrow night. If she keeps wiggling it like she is, I don’t think it’ll last that long. I’ll alert the tooth fairy to reserve another Susan B. Anthony dollar.

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Socks and Emily

March 23rd, 2007 6 comments
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spinning wool/silk

March 19th, 2007 6 comments

Turtlegirl76 and illiane and I got together this weekend for a fun afternoon of spinning yarn while drinking coffee with Bailey’s in it. I haven’t had alcohol in years, and after the way I felt later that day, I won’t be having it again for a long while. File it under “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Also, Turtlegirl’s single-treadle Ashford Traveller needed lots of mechanical help. I think that particular model may be made of chewing gum wrappers and twine. I think we finally got the best of it, but Turtlegirl can still safely blame all her spinning troubles on that wheel and get away with it.

As for me, my yarn is still awful, but it’s getting better!

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Double down, baby!

March 19th, 2007 No comments

So y’all probably don’t know this, but I’m not bad at blackjack. I mean, I’m not going to break the bank at Vegas or anything, but as a rule, I do all right.

At a company Christmas party in the 90’s, we went across the state line to South Carolina and had a gambling party. We got X number of chips and played various gambling games, and at the end of the night got to bid on prizes. I won the bed and dresser that we still have in our bedroom.

Of course, next year I lost all my chips within the first 15 minutes, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anywho, for the holidays, the Dragonrealms Gamemasters had a little in-game blackjack tourney. And guess who won? Yeah, baby! Many, many thanks to GM Rinae for putting that together. I’m already going over my Amazon wish list to decide what to spend my gift certificate on.

Woo! Vice pays!

Side note: Emily had an excellent day. There is apparently a new assistant in the class on Mondays, and yes, he was very helpful in helping her stay calm after a rough start. She did great. We hit the post office, where the clerk gave her a lollipop, then Starbucks, where she got a giant black and white cookie. Then we came home and because it was so beautiful we ran some footraces. Then, apparently having some excess sugar in her system from that huge cookie, she revved around the front yard on her imaginary scooter. Go girl!

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Accentuate the positive

March 19th, 2007 30 comments

Well, Emily had a bad day on Friday. Both of them shared a commonality, which sparked an “aha!” moment for me.

(Pics are of Emily with a cousin from Christmas. She’s the one with the brown hair and pink shirt. Heh.)
Long post about the issue

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Wak wak wak!

March 17th, 2007 13 comments
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