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Accident free!

May 28th, 2011 No comments

accident free
Physically, it’s been a crap couple of weeks.

There was the poison ivy which I wrote about a few days ago. It still itches like crazy and now it’s spread to my left hip and is in a few tiny spots on my left arm. I used weedkiller to rain down fiery death upon the poison ivy in the yard, but there’s still more that I didn’t notice during the first go-round. As a rule, I avoid herbicides and pesticides, but when the plants strike the first blow then the rule turns to “show no mercy!”

I’ve also developed some tendonitis in my right elbow. I suspect it’s a side effect of a drug I was taking for yet another temporary problem, now resolved.

Then a couple of days ago I was walking across a darkened room at work and slipped and fell on my butt. I tried to catch myself with my hand but just succeeded in screwing up my thumb. I wound up going to the doc on the company dime. Thankfully, it’s just really bruised. I’m wrapped up in an ace bandage and I still can’t touch my thumb to my pinky. The doctor says I should avoid lifting things heavier than 10 pounds for the next week.

Obviously, this is putting a major crimp in my Jayne hat knitting.

Fortunately, it’ll all be good in time for TNNA in Columbus in June. As injuries go, it’s not that bad. It’s just that it feels like one damn thing after another.

The sign at right, by the way, is tucked away in a corner of the warehouse at work, a relic of the days when the building was a woodworking shop. I feel like I’ve let the sign down somehow.

Oh well. I’ll try very hard not to accidentally injure myself any further. I don’t need any more drips in the Chinese water torture that is my life.

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THANK YOU, Starsongsky!

December 30th, 2006 16 comments

I just bought eight bras and six pairs of panties from Lane Bryant for $36.17. SCORE!

I’m sorry to share too much information, it’s just that this is my brand, and I really, really needed some but was having trouble finding the time to get away to the mall to get some. And lo and behold, makes this post about a glitch in Lane Bryant’s shopping cart, whereby it’s taking 30 percent off of the total order, including the free items in the “buy two get two” promotion. Hot diggity! So now I’m set for a good long while. I kind of wish I’d gotten more, but I suppose there’s a limit to how many bras and panties should arrive on one’s doorstep in one fell swoop.

As you can see, I’m personalizing my laptop properly. I need to come up with a catchy name for it on our internal network. “Diana Prince” seems a little obvious. Am considering buying Sims2 for Mac, now that I have this spiffy new laptop. I can probably find it reasonably cheap on eBay now that it’s been out for a while.

Christmas pics! Here’s my husband and daughter making the traditional Christmas ravioli. Every year my husband makes ricotta cheese from whole milk, parsley, parmesan cheese, and vinegar. He does this the night before and we use it the following day as filling. He also makes sauce from crushed tomatoes, etc., according to his mother’s recipe. Then we make the dough from scratch, and it’s a good family activity to roll it out, cut it, fill it, and seal the ravioli closed. Later we boil ’em up and they’re delicious! We brought some to my dad, too. Maybe it’s not everyone’s traditional Christmas fare, but it’s pretty kid-friendly and crafty, so it’s a good thing to do together, which is what Christmas is all about.

This year was the first year that my daughter not only bought a present for my husband that she thought he might like, but she actually looked around instead of grabbing the first thing off the shelf. And her thoughtful choice?

My dad is great,
My dad is neat.
My dad really
likes to eat.

Hee hee hee!

Hats up for: NY, IL, FL

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July 2nd, 2004 No comments

Ever since I had my kid, I’ve snored. Apparently, it’s gotten worse – which isn’t surprising, since I’ve gotten heavier. Things came to a bit of a head for me when I roomed with GM Helena at Simucon ’04, and she had to keep waking me up to tell me to turn over so I would shut the hell up. Poor Helena. I felt so bad. When I called my husband to tell him that apparently, I snore like a grizzled old miner, he said knowingly, “Yeah.”

Well, I had a cold this past week. It made the snoring worse. So, since I couldn’t lose 30 pounds overnight, I turned to drugs. I had heard about a throat spray that supposedly actually worked, so I figured, “what the heck, it can’t hurt.”

Holy moly, it worked! Last night was the first night in five years that I apparently haven’t done some kind of cave bear imitation. So let me heartily recommend Snor Enz and let next year’s Simucon roomie fear no more. Woot!

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