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Thanks, Turtlegirl!

August 20th, 2009 No comments

STR Rare Gems
While Turtlegirl was getting her socks off at Sock Summit 2009, I took care of her boys Calvin and Ripple. Also her fish. Which died. But the cats are thriving, so that was good enough to earn me some loot! Look what she brought me back from Sock Summit! Socks That Rock Rare Gems. Turtlegirl knows me so well. These are exactly my colors. I’m all about the cool tones.

Incidentally, Turtlegirl has a really cool sock pattern named after her cats Calvin and Ripple (Ravelry link). It’s really two patterns in one, with one sock named Calvin (wild and unpredictable) and one named Ripple (the traditional old man with traditional construction). I’ve seen them finished in person (Jane Prater did a particularly nice one), and they’re really cool, so if you’re looking for two new patterns for the price of one, I recommend it.

Thanks, Turtlegirl, I love my new yarn!

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I h8 cheap yarn.

January 25th, 2004 2 comments

This will be of absolutely no interest to anyone but other knitters, and I don’t know how many of those we have in DR. But let me just be up front and say don’t be a piker on yarn.

I was knitting a fuzzy purple scarf for Tessima, and one of the girls at My Gym was admiring it. I told her if I had enough yarn left over, I’d make her one too. Well, I didn’t have enough Plymouth Firenze left over, and I don’t know this girl that well, so I thought I’d try it with the cheap stuff, Bernat Boa from my local Michael’s craft shop.

Big mistake.

I’ve seen some bloggers posting about how soft this stuff is. It’s not soft. It’s like wearing barbed wire wrapped in fake feathers. The Firenze is soft and fuzzy, and it’s hard to stop stroking it. It’s dyed in nice long strips, so the color is in wide bands. The Bernat changes color every couple of inches. It looked like a giant iridescent zig-zag that was hurting my eyes while I was knitting it. I couldn’t unravel the Bernat fast enough to get it off my needles.

So now I know why the Bernat was $5 for a 50 gram ball and why the Firenze was $11 (yes, Tessima comped me). You really get what you pay for.

What’d Tessima’s scarf look like? Ask her! She still owes me a picture!

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