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Squiggle squiggle squiggle!

July 8th, 2004 No comments

Sand scarfSometimes, the best thing you can do when you’re down in the dumps, or when you have fifty bazillion unfinished projects going on, is to make something cool. And so, I did!

When I was in St. Louis, I stopped by a yarn store (of course) and picked up some Crystal Palace Waikiki color 2852 and Squiggle in “shell”. I started a scarf, and kept it in the car seat beside me to work on when I got stuck in traffic. I finally decided I just needed to finish it, already. Here’s the result on. Here’s one a little closer up, and here’s the UNNECESSARY ZOOOOOOOM!

Ahem. Sorry.

I really enjoyed this! That Squiggle is fun stuff, nice and soft and shaggy and… well, squiggly. If they harvested Tribbles for their fur, this is what the result would be. (Actually, maybe they do.) I like the little poofs the yarn has, and the bit of shine that the Waikiki imparts. The scarf may have a little of that 70’s shag carpet tone to it, but who cares? It was fun, and I’d definitely make another Squiggle scarf in a heartbeat.

And now, on to those fifty bazillion unfinished projects!

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The Seven-Pointed Star hat.

April 24th, 2004 No comments

Behold! The Seven-Pointed Star! Called that because I massaged the math and worked seven points into the crown instead of the pattern’s previous eight. Also has a ribbed bottom to make it a little less girly. This one’s for a guy, which is why it looks so big on me.

I just wanted to do something with a DR connection for Simucon. I’ll probably make the hats I take there with seven points just as a little inside noodge to the game.

It IS easy being green!

March 10th, 2004 No comments

I decided to quit waffling, already, and finish the second hat. I didn’t give it a point like the boob hat had, and when I screwed up a stitch finishing the crown in the My Gym waiting room, I thought, “eh, she’ll never know” and kept knitting. It turned out better than it looked like it was going to in the first picture. In fact, she loved it, as you can see. Sometimes you shouldn’t overthink things.

For those who care about such things:
1 skein kureyon
size 9 16″ circular and double-pointed needles.
Long-tail cast-on.
On circular needles, co 88 stitches. Place marker at beginning of row.
Knit in the round for about 4 1/2 to 5 inches.
To decrease:
row 1: From marker, *k9, k2tog* repeating * to end of row.
row 2: knit
row 3: *k8, k2tog* repeating * to end of row.
row 4: knit
row 5: *k7, k2tog* repeating * to end of row.
row 6: knit
Switch to double-pointed needles when the work gets too small.
Keep repeating this pattern until you’re down to, like, 32 stitches or so. Then omit the plain knit row and just keep up the decrease pattern, otherwise you’ll get down to 4 stitches and have a boob point. Unless that’s your thang.
When you’re down to 8 stitches (or 4, to taste) using yarn needle, pull end of yarn through remaining stitches and weave in ends. (Or cheat like me and knot it).

FYI, I have a 22 inch head, so you can figure that with 88 stitches, your gauge is probably going to be about 4 stitches to an inch.
(2008 note – at the time I wrote this pattern, I was a tight knitter. You might want to pop down to a size 8 needle.)

Math AND fashion! It’s the ultimate geek girl craft!