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July 27th, 2004 8 comments

We got a letter in the mail today. Apparently we are in violation of City Code Chapter 10 “Health and Sanitation” or a particular subsection thereof.

In a nutshell, our grass is too long. The cutoff (so to speak) is 12 inches, which I think we’re probably just a hair shy of.

Now we have seven days to cut it or we’ll be fined or some such. Rather, we have seven days from last Thursday, and it’s raining now. I called to get an extension.

I asked the woman at the city office what would have prompted this, whether it was a neighbor complaining, or someone driving through the neighborhood, or what, and she said it could have been either.

The thing is, while we do keep to ourselves, we’re very reasonable people. We’re friendly, wave to the neighbors, know their names (except the new folks) and exchange mail and such when it gets mis-delivered. We have one neighbor we’ve known for 30 years, whom I stop and chat with often. One other keeps an immaculate lawn, but seems like a nice guy when we speak. The other has just moved in and I think is in the process of renting the place. I’ve gone over and said hi, though, and welcomed them in.

So why on earth would one file some sort of action against us instead of just coming over and saying, “Hi, we’re trying to rent the place and would like to you to keep your lawn tidier to make it easier,” or “Hi, I’m worried that your crabgrass is overrunning my lawn,” or “Hi, it’s really bugging me that your lawn is overgrown, would you mind trimming it?” We’re not going to go medieval on anyone. Honestly, folks.

I don’t know what ever happened to going with the direct approach first. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

It’s raining harder, and it just fits my mood. Ah, well.